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Our proud history in Hawaii

Kemoo Farm 1938

Celebrating 53 years of producing delicious Hawaiian made sweet treats; Hawaiian Happy Cakes™ has delighted in spreading authentic Hawaiian hospitality across the globe. By combining local macadamia nuts from Hawaii’s Big Island, delicious sweet pineapple, fresh coconut and the finest of baking ingredients, Hawaii’s most famous cake tantalizes taste buds with true Hawaiian flavor.

The Hawaiian Happy Cake story is an important part of Oahu culinary culture. Founder Dick Rodby grew up in Wahiawa surrounded by pineapple plantations where his family established a family restaurant across from Schofield Barracks. The family’s Kemo’o Farms became legendary over the years for its great food and local entertainers such as Charles K. Davis.

In 1967, the Rodby family served the first Happy Cake. Soon orders began to pour in from all over the country. Throughout the United States, people began to order Happy Cakes from Kemo’o Farms. And they’ve been doing so ever since. When Owen O’Callaghan joined the organization sixteen years ago, the business began to develop in new directions.

Now celebrating its 53rd birthday, Hawaiian Happy Cakes™ continue to respect Dick Rodby’s tradition of using only the finest local ingredients. Today, the cakes are the only authentic Hawaiian pineapple and macadamia cake on the market, and are still carefully crafted and hand baked.

The Happy Cake continues to be shared as a unique Hawaiian gift that brings “Aloha” to those who enjoy it.

Locals still love sending Happy Cakes to family and friends on the mainland, especially for the holidays! Our friends on the mainland enjoy ordering Happy Cakes because they feel like they’re back here in the islands while they’re eating it. Many a honeymoon is remembered and rekindled over a Happy Cake!