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How our customers feel:

Diane M.... here. My husband, Peter and I met you at the Farmer's last Saturday. WE LOVE YOUR CAKES!! We appreciate the fact that they have a wonderful not-so-sweet, just flavorful taste. We like it so much so that I went on your website to order several products to be sent to various addresses in the US.

Diane & Peter

Been a bad girl! Hi Owen, Just had to fess up and let you know one Happy Cake GONE!! Once I open the package, I'm a goner! You produce such a delicious product!

Judith & Sean

Aloha Friends, Just a note to tell you that the cakes were a big success!! All of my out-of-state guests loved them! I'm so glad I had something different to serve them. My birthday pary was also a big success too. Thank you again for sending the cakes so promptly.

Maryann W.