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About Us

What is a Hawaiian Happy Cake?

Made fresh on Oahu, the Happy Cake is a unique Hawaiian Dessert made with the local ingredients of pineapple, macadamia nuts and coconut.  Most of us know how beautiful the Hawaiian Islands are!  Either we have visited Hawaii or seen Hawaii in some way.  Now imagine if you could taste that natural island beauty in a Hawaiian Cake?  Well, that is a Happy Cake!  The cake is simply Hawaii in a dessert form.

Happy Cake is even featured in Wikipedia.

Hawaiian Happy Cakes is a small Oahu business that has been producing this Hawaiian dessert since 1967. Over fifty years ago we started baking the Happy Cake as a dessert in Wahiawa at Kemo’o Farms restaurant.

All those years on, we continue to bake the Happy Cake by hand here in Honolulu from scratch using the same recipe. Our Hawaiian Cakes are fresh and available every week at the KCC Farmers Market.    As well, many call ahead and arrange for a local curbside pick-up in Waikiki.  Happy Cake is very popular as a Hawaiian Birthday Cake. But this is always subject to an advance call, and arrangement. 

And we are always busy fulfilling online orders and shipping cakes all over the world.